all work no play

May 12, 2006 at 7:00 am (releases)

Instead of posting a comment at my previous post, I decided to write a new one. The last post is quite a while ago and the 2.1 release of the original Torrentflux and a lot of real-life-work made me stop working on the ajaxTorrentflux.

But do not fear. This is only a restart and no shutdown. Previously I used my own AJAX-framework and the old TorrentFlux HTML. Now I am using Prototype and a completely new DIV-based HTML-design. This way I hope to achieve a very open design which can be easily modified and extended. The current design may look excactly the same as the original TorrentFlux but the look can be easily changed.



  1. moOd said,

    So.. when can we expect to see some beta-files for this project to download? 🙂

  2. Matthew said,

    Very nice to hear, I was planning to develop a nice vista and luna theme for torrentflux. I came across this ajax variant project and I might just wait for a release from you to begin.

  3. earlene said,

    I love this site. Good work…

  4. SebTh said,

    Is this projet dead or you are still working on it ?

  5. Gerold said,

    Is this program supposed to run on a webserver that will download/upload and saving the downloaded files on an ftp or hi webspace?

  6. Keiichibell said,

    Don’t you have rss or something? Or better yet, a Email Notification when you release the project?

    Right now I just put your web site in firefox bookmarks. Keep up the good work.

  7. Bernhard said,

    So i guess this good idea is dead now?

  8. nealhodges52635 said,

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